A deadly catch indeed


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another enjoyable round of golf for the Backyard lads at Emerald last Friday.  With the low season here we managed to get around in under 4 hours even though we caught the Beaver boys as early as the 5th hole.  Despite the sparse numbers we did see one lone brave-heart try to interject himself into our groups at the 10th tee, but some steely looks from the lads convinced his caddy it was safer to not try that.

The winner on the day with 37 points was Andy ‘The Deadliest Catch’ Crabb.  In a curious twist on the age-old habit of players throwing out the anchor (a very apt phrase for the Deadliest Catch actor), Deadly blobbed the first 2 holes before starting his scoring spree.  He tricked us by doing that!

Andy Crabb (3rd left) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Andy Crabb (3rd left) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

Near-pin also went to Deadly, as did the rollover from the previous week.  The biggest winner in the skins was Deadly again, with 6.  Irish John won 4 and the sole rollover from the week before with a birdie on the 1st hole.  Diet Whiskey also won 4 with 2 to the Biss, 1 to The Yak and 1 rolled over.

We did manage to lose Foos yer Doos for the day, as he was pulling Florence Nothing-gale duty with the wee wifey.  Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend (heart-broken from the departure of the latest squeeze?) was another no-show, he was last seen propping up the bar at The Irish Wolfhound in Pratumnak on Thursday night.

Down the road for the traditional winner’s free round and with Deadly taking about 70% of the prizes it was one he was happy to pay for.  The imminent departure of The Yak and The Forklift meant a few extra beverages were consumed by the players.