White asparagus in Pattaya – a seasonal culinary highlight


Large parts of Europe celebrate the first appearance of white asparagus in the springtime. There are even entire festivals to mark the season.

White asparagus is grown underground. Growers cover the spears in mounded dirt or black plastic tunnels to avoid exposure to light. As a result, the plants do not produce chlorophyll and therefore don’t turn green.

White asparagus is also considered to be slightly milder in flavor and a bit more tender than green asparagus. One of the traditional ways is to eat them is with your fingers, dipping them in hollandaise sauce.

There are green and sometimes even white asparagus from the north of Thailand available. These asparagus are not of the same quality like those from Europe. They are small and thin. Their taste is bland and the texture too soft. Some places serve white asparagus from Chile. They are somewhere between their Thai and their European cousins. They are a little bit bigger and firmer in texture than Thai, and thinner and less flavorful than European asparagus.

Just because we live in Thailand doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the European variety. At Casa Pascal, we celebrate asparagus season each spring with imported giant white asparagus from Europe. We serve them traditionally with either Hollandaise, Mayonnaise, or Vinaigrette. We prepare them a variety of ways. Some of the year’s favorite dishes are the asparagus with foie gras and asparagus with parma ham.

Visit us and find out why we have become well known for asparagus in Pattaya.

With culinary regards,

Pascal Schnyder