What’s Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung?


Vienna (AP) – For all those who don’t speak German – and indeed for those who do – here is Austria’s word of the year, adding to the challenges of reading and speaking the language. It’s “Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederho­lungsverschiebung,” or “postponement of the repeat of the runoff of the presidential election.” The tongue-twister was born of the record time it took to elect Austria’s president, and was announced following a poll of 10,000 people carried out by the Research Unit for Austrian German at the University of Graz, in cooperation with the Austria Press Agency. A first round in April was followed by a May runoff between the two most popular candidates. This was annulled because of irregularities. A new date set for October was then postponed because of faulty absentee ballots to Dec. 4, when the vote was won by Alexander Van der Bellen.