Odds and Ends, Friday, Oct. 20 – Oct. 26, 2017


Fish fall from sky with rain in northern Mexico

Mexico City (AP) – Civil defense officials in northeast Mexico say a light rain was accompanied by small fish that fell from the sky. Tamaulipas civil defense says in a brief statement that rain Tuesday in the coastal city of Tampico included fish. Photos posted on the agency’s Facebook page show four small fish in a bag and another on a sidewalk.

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According the U.S. Library of Congress, it’s a phenomenon that has been reported since ancient times. Scientists believe that tornadoes over water – known as waterspouts – could be responsible for sucking fish into the air where they are blown around until being released to the ground.

South Dakota St. Bernard has record-longest tongue for a dog

Sioux Falls, S.D. (AP) – A St. Bernard in South Dakota has set a new, slobbery world record. Mochi, also known as Mo, holds the Guinness World Records title for having the longest tongue on a dog. According to Guinness World Records, Mochi’s tongue measures in at 7.31 inches (18.58 cm). Mochi’s owner, Carla Rickert of Sioux Falls, says her dog is happy, but also has some breathing problems because of her long tongue and slobbers more than usual when she’s nervous. Mochi also needs to be given treats in a certain way and has problems picking items up from the floor. The 8-year-old Mochi broke the previous record held by a male Pekingese, whose tongue was 4.5 inches (11.43 cm). Mochi is listed in the new Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book.

New Jersey state trooper tells cow to mooove it

Stockton, N.J. (AP) – A New Jersey state trooper on his way to work had to tell a cow to mooove it. Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Flynn was driving to headquarters Thursday morning when he came across a traffic jam on Route 29 in Stockton, a rural town northwest of Trenton. He drove along the shoulder and came upon a wayward cow that was slowing down traffic. The cow gave the trooper a look and continued to meander along the highway. Flynn says the cow’s farmer arrived and with the help of another trooper, they managed to get the cow back to its farm on the other side of the highway. Flynn says it’s not the first time he’s had to deal with livestock. He’s also had to corral horses and goats.

(Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Flynn/New Jersey State Police via AP)
(Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Flynn/New Jersey State Police via AP)

State yanks NY vineyard’s liquor license over rowdy crowds

Cutchogue, N.Y. (AP) – The New York State Liquor Authority has suspended the license of a Long Island winery where officials say drunken patrons have engaged in public sex, brawls and other rowdy behavior. SLA officials on Thursday said Vineyard 48 in Cutchogue (kuht-CHAWG’) had a “disturbing record” of repeatedly serving extremely intoxicated customers to the point where it strained local police services and caused “havoc” on neighbors. The liquor license suspension comes after neighbors told police on Sept. 30 that two people were having sex on vineyard property in full view of the neighbor’s backyard. SLA officials say police had to return to the vineyard later that day to break up a fight that broke out among a drunk and disorderly group of 400 people. The vineyard’s lawyer says the allegations are untrue and exaggerated.

Police: Moving help unwitting accomplices in Montana theft

Great Falls, Mont. (AP) – Police in Montana say a man told friends he needed help moving and got their unwitting help stealing $40,000 worth of items from another man’s home. One of the friends allegedly rented a U-Haul without knowing it would be used in a crime. The other told police he became suspicious and left after he saw military medals in the Great Falls home. He doubted 36-year-old Patrick Joseph Adams Jr. served in the military. Investigators say the true homeowner came home later that night, found his home had been burglarized and called 911. Prosecutors charged Adams on Thursday with burglary and criminal mischief, both felonies. The Great Falls Tribune reports Adams faces up to 30 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. It wasn’t clear if Adams had a lawyer.