Odds and Ends, Friday , Oct. 13 – Oct. 19, 2017


Arrested drunk man claims he time traveled to warn of aliens

Casper, Wyo. (AP) – Police say a central Wyoming man they arrested for public intoxication claimed he had traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion. Casper police say the man they encountered at 10:30 p.m. Monday claimed he was from the year 2048. KTWO-AM in Casper reports that the man told police that he wanted to warn the people of Casper that aliens will arrive next year, and that they should leave as soon as possible. He asked to speak to the president of the town, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) northwest of Cheyenne. The man told police he was only able to time travel because aliens filled his body with alcohol. He noted that he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, not this year.

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Would-be thief in Rio chased out
by jiu-jitsu students

Rio de Janeiro (AP) – A would-be thief in a Rio de Janeiro suburb apparently chose the wrong gym to rob. Surveillance camera footage shared widely on social media shows the man entering the gym and jumping a turnstile after arguing with the receptionist. Several seconds later, the man is seen jumping back over the turnstile and fleeing outside. He is chased by several jiu-jitsu students dressed in uniforms. Jiu-jitsu teacher Edgar Neto told The Associated Press that the incident happened Monday night and he reported it to police. The man managed to escape. Police said Wednesday he hasn’t been arrested, but they have recovered one of his sandals that fell off during the chase.

Indiana farmer plants corn maize tribute to Carrie Fisher

(Jeremy Goebel via AP)
(Jeremy Goebel via AP)

Evansville, Ind. (AP) – A southern Indiana farmer who created a corn maze with trails outlining the face of “Star Wars” character Princess Leia says he planted it to honor the late actress Carrie Fisher. Jeremy Goebel designed the maze in February, more than a month after Fisher’s late December death, and planted it this spring using a GPS device. The corn is now mature and its trails outline the “Star Wars” character’s face, distinctive hairstyle and part of her upper body. Goebel tells the Evansville Courier & Press that as a longtime “Star Wars” fan he “wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher.” The maze at Goebel Farms in Evansville, Indiana, honors Fisher with trails above Leia’s head that spell out “Carrie Fisher RIP 1956-2016.” The maze is open to paying customers.

Etching of German rifle ground off AK-47 monument in Moscow

(AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin, File)
(AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin, File)

Moscow (AP) – Just days after a monument honoring AK-47 designer Mikhail Kalashnikov was unveiled in Moscow, workers have removed a part of it that showed a German weapon that many believe inspired the renowned assault rifle. The monument features a towering statue of Kalashnikov and an adjacent sculpture of St. George fighting a dragon with an AK-47-tipped spear. Metalwork on the plinth of that statue bore etchings of guns, one of which was discovered to be of the StG44 rifle used by Nazi Germany. News reports said the gun images were ground off on Friday. State news agency Tass quoted Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky saying: “There’s one big plus in this – now everyone will exactly know that in their designs the AK and the German assault rifle are absolutely different firearms.”