Odds and Ends – Friday August 17, 2018 – August 23, 2018

(Megan Uhrynowski & Gary Sherrick via AP)
(Megan Uhrynowski & Gary Sherrick via AP)

Patriots fan turns Tom Brady’s autograph into a tattoo

Foxborough, Mass. (AP) – A young Connecticut woman didn’t want to ever lose the autograph she got from Tom Brady. The New England Patriots star signed 19-year-old Megan Uhrynowski’s arm after a practice at Gillette Stadium on Monday night that she had attended with a friend. Uhrynowski, a college student, told WHDH-TV her friend had suggested she turn the autograph into a tattoo. So she did. Uhrynowski went to a tattoo parlor the next day and had the five-time Super Bowl champion’s signature permanently etched on her arm. She said she was “freaking out” when Brady responded to her request to sign her arm during an autograph session with fans, adding: “It was probably like the coolest thing.”

Couple thinks they found
Prohibition-era booze in new home

Quincy, Mass. (AP) – A couple moving into a Massachusetts home have found what they believe is a stash of Prohibition-era booze. The Patriot Ledger reports that Ian Sutherland and his girlfriend, Alexa Lee, found dozens of dusty glass bottles and clay jugs shelved behind a false wall in their Quincy home. A contractor uncovered the hidden compartment while working in the basement in July after the couple had moved in from Connecticut. Some of the 56 bottles still contain liquid that Sutherland says appears to include beer and moonshine, and that now give off a vinegary smell. The head of the Quincy Historical Society says it’s still too soon to know how long the bottles were hidden. Quincy banned alcohol sales in 1880 amid the temperance movement. The house was built in 1910.

Colorado sheriff urges travelers
to lock car in bear country

Conifer, Colo. (AP) – Travelers in Colorado are being urged to lock their cars when they’re in bear country. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado posted a video on Facebook that shows what can happen when a car is left unlocked and a bruin smells treats inside. An officer used a rope to open the door and awaken the bear, which seemed to enjoy the food contents of a small station wagon before taking a nap. A half-eaten banana was left behind as the bear ran off into the woods. The sheriff’s office wrote it’s “pawsitively sure” locking the door reduces the chances of losing important items and having a vehicle trashed.

Colorado man fined $1K for
repeatedly feeding bears

Durango, Colo. (AP) – A Colorado man has been fined $1,000 for intentionally feeding bears for the third time in the past eight years. The Durango Herald reports a resident reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife that they had seen a man leaving out food in his backyard for bears. Wildlife Manager Matt Thorpe says the resident took pictures and provided them to officials. An investigation found that the man had previously been fined for the same behavior in 2010 and 2012. In Colorado, it’s illegal to knowingly feed bears. The first offense carries a $100 fine. The second violation gives a $500 fine. Thorpe said Colorado Parks and Wildlife contacted the man on Sunday, who paid the fine on the spot. He can be fined another $1,000 if he breaks the law again.

Marilyn Manson handcuffed
in Maine, but it’s just a joke

Bangor, Maine (AP) – No, Marilyn Manson didn’t get arrested in Bangor, Maine. The Bangor Police Department says Manson and an officer were joking around when the rocker was briefly handcuffed. A video of the handcuffing was posted to Manson’s Instagram account. Lt. Tim Cotton took to Facebook to say it was good, clean fun. He also quips the officer, Curtis Grenier, is no longer allowed to work backstage “except during Lord of the Dance or anything related to Disney.” Manson and Rob Zombie performed Sunday night, wrapping up a three-day Impact Festival featuring rockers such as Anthrax and Slayer.