Odds and Ends – Friday February 22, 2019 – February 28, 2019


Indiana town marshal rescues horse that got stuck in tree

(Courtesy of Daniel Ball via AP)
(Courtesy of Daniel Ball via AP)

Winfield, Ind. (AP) – An Indiana town marshal wielding a chain saw rescued a horse that became wedged between two branches of a tree trunk amid subzero cold. Winfield Town Marshal Dan Ball says the horse somehow became stuck in the multi-trunked tree Wednesday morning in the town about 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of Gary. He told The (Northwest Indiana) Times that he feared the horse might die because it collapsed at one point and was growing weak with the temperature hovering near minus 20 degrees (minus 28 Celsius). But when a neighbor brought a chain saw to the scene, Ball braved the frigid conditions for 45 minutes to cut away branches until the horse was able to pull free. The horse then managed to walk back to its barn and eat breakfast.


House call turns into horse call for police in Minnesota

Inver Grove Heights, Minn. (AP) – Authorities say a suburban Minneapolis resident reported a strange intruder in her basement. It was a horse. Inver Grove Heights police arrived at the woman’s home late Friday night to find a pale-colored horse walking through various rooms as officers watched through windows from the outside. Police Sgt. Adam Wiederhoeft says the investigation is ongoing and it isn’t clear how the horse got into the house, but that the animal’s owner came by to remove it. A message on the police department’s Facebook page read: “No horses or officers were hurt in this incident and the horse was safely returned to the corral!”


Where’s the beef? NY woman resorts to baseball bat after patty not available

(New York City Police Department via AP)
(New York City Police Department via AP)

New York (AP) – A woman who couldn’t get a beef patty at a favorite New York eatery used a baseball bat in protest. On Saturday, police released surveillance video of the woman in action in the Bronx – smashing a restaurant’s windows after learning the eatery had run out of her favorite food. Police say the woman at the Back Home restaurant in the Morrisania neighborhood came in on the afternoon of Jan. 15 and ordered a patty. She was told they’d run out, and she got upset. Authorities say she left and came back to the Jamaican restaurant with the bat. The video shows a woman bashing in two windows. She fled and police were still searching for her on Saturday. The video shows a woman dressed in a black and white jacket and matching sneakers, swinging a multi-colored aluminum bat as bystanders tried to stop her before she walked away. No one was injured during the incident. The Back Home restaurant in the Morrisania neighborhood is a simple, affordable spot that offers Jamaican specialties like curry goat and oxtail, drawing people from around the city.


Voters reject plan to name streets in German municipality

Berlin (AP) – Voters in a municipality in northwestern Germany have delivered a clear message: no street names, thanks. Official results from a referendum held on Sunday showed 60 percent of voters in Hilgermissen rejected the local council’s plan to name the streets, while 40 percent supported the proposal. The proposed change was intended to make it easier for people – including police, emergency and delivery services – to find their way around the municipality of some 2,200 residents. Hilgermissen was formed in the 1970s out of several villages. Addresses currently consist of a house number and the name of a former village, a system that has become more unwieldy as new buildings are added. Three locals organized the referendum to oppose street names. Sunday’s result is binding for two years.