Odds and Ends – Friday April 5, 2019 – April 11, 2019

(Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News via AP)
(Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

Escaped wallaby goes on walkabout in Dallas neighborhood

Dallas (AP) – A wallaby who apparently escaped his owners went on a walkabout in an east Dallas neighborhood before being recaptured. Tim Tiernan said he and his wife were taking a morning walk when they saw what they first thought was a dog. The wallaby hopped into the couple’s driveway and up to their back door. Dallas Animal Services officers eventually caught the marsupial in the couple’s backyard. The animal was identified as Muggsy and picked up by his owner. Officials didn’t release the owner’s name or how the wallaby escaped. The agency said the wallaby is kept on a country ranch. Wallabies are native to Australia and surrounding islands and are a close relative of the kangaroo.

94-year-old WWII veteran
finally gets high school diploma

Shrewsbury, Mass. (AP) – A 94-year-old World War II veteran has received his high school diploma – 74 years after he would have gotten had he not enlisted. Paul Snow says he felt “naked” from all the attention he received during a ceremony at St. John’s High School, but says he always wanted to get his diploma. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports the Worcester native enlisted in the U.S. Navy a day before his 18th birthday in 1943, and was honorably discharged about three years later. Democratic U.S. Rep. James McGovern and St. John’s High School worked together to award a diploma to Snow as a tribute to his service. Snow was awarded with an honorary diploma dated June 17, 1945.

Reel-y? New beer can double
as motion picture film developer

Rochester, N.Y. (AP) – Kodak says a new beer hitting the market can be used to develop its Super 8 movie film. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware created its SuperEIGHT beer after a conversation with people at Kodak, the upstate New York technology company most famous for its photographic roots. Dogfish learned from Kodak that heightened levels of acidity and vitamin C in certain beers could make them a processing agent for film. That inspired the brewery to design such a beer. Kodak helped by testing it. Dogfish founder Sam Calagione says he’ll document his summer travels on Super 8 film that will be developed in SuperEIGHT beer and turned into a short film. The beer, made with pear, mango, berries, kiwi, quinoa and salt, is set for US distribution next month.

(Dogfish Head Craft Brewery via AP)
(Dogfish Head Craft Brewery via AP)

Man returns library book 53 years late

Fair Lawn, N.J. (AP) – A New Jersey man says he has returned an overdue library book – 53 years after he first borrowed the book. Fair Lawn resident Harry Krame says he checked out “The Family Book Of Verse” by Lewis Gannet from his school library when he was 13 and Lyndon Johnson was president. The now 65-year-old Krame found the book recently while cleaning out his basement and felt guilty about keeping it overdue for all those years. Memorial Middle School Vice Principal Dominick Tarquinio says a late fee at today’s rate would be about $2,000, but says the district will let it slide. School librarian Susan Murray says she plans to use the book for a display to teach students about returning books.