Going bananas? Israeli zoo scrambles to find missing monkey


Jerusalem (AP) – Israel’s largest zoo is scrambling to find a monkey who swung out of a tree and escaped from the wildlife park near Tel Aviv. The “Safari,” located in the adjacent city of Ramat Gan, is asking the public to help find Kuner, a 17-year-old wedge-capped capuchin monkey who fled on Monday – likely after a fight with rival males in his enclosure. Spokeswoman Sagit Horowitz says the 3 kilogram- (6.6 pound-) Kuner is about the size of a cat and poses no danger. She urged people to be careful if they see him and avoid making loud noises that could scare him away. Kuner briefly escaped 11 years ago, when a storm knocked over a tree trunk that he used as a bridge to walk away. He returned shortly afterward.