Russian tourist uses ‘Find My iPad’ app to locate tablet stolen from 5-star resort


Two waiters at a five-star resort have been arrested for keeping an Apple iPad left in the hotel’s restaurant by a Russian tourist.

Worawut Kamlanghan, 26, was taken into custody Feb. 16 after police used the built-in “Find My iPad” application to track the tablet computer to Worawut’s Sophon Market-area apartment. Watchara Kamlangngam, 24, later was arrested in an employee break room at the beach resort over Pratamnak Hill.

Police said Watchara confessed to finding the iPad belonging to 27-year-old Olga Nazyrora when he was cleaning up the breakfast service. Rather than turn the device in to the hotel’s lost-and-found desk, police said he conspired with Worawut to sell the device.

The victim identifies her iPad stolen by two hotel employees (seated).The victim identifies her iPad stolen by two hotel employees (seated).

However, when a pawn shop offered him less than a fourth of the device’s value, Worawut decided to keep it and paid Watchara 2,250 baht, half what the pawn broker offered the pair, police said.

The thieves obviously were unaware of Apple’s “Find My iPad” application, which allows lost devices to be located via the Global Positioning System. The application is easily disabled by resetting the device’s operating software, but thieves around the world who were either too lazy or ignorant to do that have found the police show up at their doors.

Making Watchara’s bad day even worse, police drug tested him upon arrest and found he’d been abusing methamphetamines. In addition to theft, he now faces drug charges pending results of a full blood test.