Pot smoking Norwegian stabs self in Pattaya hotel room

With blood drops all over the floor, paramedics treat Frank Gjesvold for a self-inflicted stab wound to the stomach.

A Norwegian man smoking grass cut open his own stomach in Pattaya.
Frank Gjesvold, 54, was rushed to the hospital after midnight June 30 from his hotel room on Pratamnak Road.

Paramedics found the Norwegian raving in his native language with a large, bloody gash on his stomach.

A packet of cannabis leaves and a lighter were found nearby.

Staff at the hotel said Gjesvold had been living there about six months. That night they heard screaming, but the Norwegian didn’t open the door. So they used a service key to enter and discovered him bleeding.

Paramedics treat the injured raving Norwegian who had a self-inflicted large, bloody gash on his stomach.