Health screenings, social services offered on Pattaya mobile outreach days

A resident has her blood checked for any abnormal blood sugar levels.

Just about every type of medical exam and social service was provided over three days as Pattaya rolled out its mobile health clinic for 2023.

Deputy Mayor Kritsana Boonsawat kicked off the first outreach, Jan. 18-20 at Pattaya School No. 7. The mobile unit will be deployed six times this year around the city.

The exams was were offered over the three days, including checks of blood pressure, body mass, blood sugar, ultrasounds, x-rays, cancer and more.

Social services, such as allowing people to apply for government benefits, also were available. Medical staff also supplied education and advice on communicable diseases, health insurance and hygiene.

Both rabies and dengue fever got their time in the spotlight, too, with pet vaccinations and sterilizations offered, and mosquito abate handed out to those with standing-water problems.

An ophthalmologist conducts eye tests handing out prescription eyeglasses to people who needed them.

Children get free haircuts as part of the social services outreach to Pattaya residents.