A 2fer at PCEC for Songkran — To Hear or not To Hear

Now, listen carefully!
Now, listen carefully!

The Pattaya City Expat Club Sunday morning, April 14, proceedings were blessed with two speakers. One to help us hear and another to help us relax. Both were competent and helpful.

After finally deciding who was emceeing, Judith Edmunds introduced the first of two Sunday morning “diviners of message” — Marko Koropeckyi, an American hearing specialist. Using the interview method to convey his thoughts, Marko asked how he selected the hearing business as his life’s work. Kicking around until almost thirty, he became convinced that his life’s work was to help people. With that purpose in mind he took a job with the firm ‘Miracle Ear’ but after 6 years decided he could do more effective work on his own. He has by now been helping people to hear better for 26 years. His business is called ‘Affordable Clarity’ and the website (still under construction) is where one can contact Marko and purchase his hearing products.

Simon says, practice makes perfect.
Simon says, practice makes perfect.

Over the years, hearing aids have become increasingly more effective at helping people overcome their individual hearing problems. The original hearing aid was nothing more than an amplifier in a small box attached to outside clothing, with a small speaker attachment going to the ear. Then these products got smaller, easier to wear and more efficient due to years of research. These days, hearing aids are all digital and they can be custom-designed to each person’s specific needs. The price of standard models can range from 450 to thousands of dollars, depending on the specific qualities of the device required, or desired.

Starting at around age 55, it is normal for individuals to lose 2 or 3 percent of their hearing efficiency each year. Other causes for hearing problems are: high noise-intensity work environments, listening to loud music, and sometimes a specific traumatic event. Hearing loss begins with the high frequencies because these are processed by those nerves in the ear that are closest to the incoming sounds. Since the sounds of most consonants involve these high frequencies, they are the first sounds to get muffled and lost from normal conversation or audio media.

Marko was unable to give hearing tests as promised due to equipment problems; but said he would reschedule in a couple of weeks. One member complained that he had selective hearing loss, especially when his wife was talking to him! — a common problem?
The second speaker was not new to the club as she has given previous talks on the pluses of yoga. Diana Mountanos of ‘Pure Yoga Pattaya’ talked to us about how to relax during the crazy and potentially stressful time of Songkran.

Although she had twelve specific practical things to do to calm yourself down, she surprised many members by proclaiming that ‘cell/mobile phone addiction’ is the most dangerous and fastest growing problem in the world. Turn them (and the TV) off for five days! Then you will see and hear many things you have been missing, says Diane.

Her list of calming exercises included: laughing out loud and heartily, physical things such as thumb-pushing, palm-pushing, eye rotation, hugging yourself, striking the superman pose, and just ‘shaking all over’ — like a dog after a bath. Additional things to try are: a bubble bath, smelling lavender, a 24 hour water cleansing, watching fish swim (they should be alive) and pushing against the wall. Many different breathing exercises were mentioned and demoed including: happy breath, sighing deeply, purposeful breathing, quiet breathing and breath control. Several simple yoga warm-up exercises were also suggested to reduce stress and anxiety.

One of Diane’s suggestions was to listen to music.

During the Q and A session after the talk, one member said he might not be here next week because he was going to take away his wife’s phone!

You may join Diane for her yoga classes at Tony’s Gym on Third Road: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from about 6 to 8. She says all are welcome.

Thanks to Marko and Diane for such helpful talks!

The long and the short of stress relief.
The long and the short of stress relief.