Message from Andy Gombaz


To the Pattaya Mail team,

It is a great pleasure for me to see the Pattaya Mail newspaper celebrate your 20th year anniversary.

As a Pattaya Mail staff member for the first 11 years of publication I can only imagine the hard work and determination it took to achieve this milestone.

I hope you still have a lot of fun in bringing the news to your readers.  I have fond memories of exciting days – and nights – in the editorial office when we had to put the newspaper to bed.

The interaction and dynamics in the office between the departments, from the graphics team to the delivery crew, was a progressive effort in producing the best newspaper week after week.

Your continued success in winning the “Best in the East” award shall be proof of that and an appreciation of your journalistic talents and integrity.

My sincerest wishes for a prosperous future to you Peter, Dan and all of your team.

Best regards,

Andy Gombaz

GTA, Canada