Low-cost houses to be built on Koh Sichang


Chonburi – Low-income earners may be able to acquire a house of their own on Koh Sichang. A total of 111 Baan Mankhong houses are to be built on long neglected public land on the island.

Deputy Forestry Department Director General, Paramin Wongsuwat said the Baan Mankhong construction project will be built in a run-down forest area which is public land on Koh Sichang off Chonburi province. The project is designed to improve the quality of life of low-income earners. The Community Organizations Development Institute is in charge of the project. Over 400 low-income earners will inhabit the 111 houses, in an effort to improve their quality of life.

Koh Sichang Municipality Mayor, Damrong Phetra said the land on which the houses will be built is in a neglected, unoccupied forest area without trees of commercial value. Koh Sichang municipality, which covers some 7.96 square kilometers of land, will run a reforestation project and see to it that garbage or waste water does not affect the environment.