Famed Danish performer makes surprise visit to Father Ray Foundation

At the Father Ray Day Care Center.
Johny Reimar at the Father Ray Day Care Center.

For the people of Denmark there is one name from the world of show business that is known in all households, and known to the young and old alike. Johnny Reimar has been entertaining the Danes for over fifty years, first as a member of The Cliffters, who released their first album in 1961.

But Johnny is more famous as a solo singer, and well as a guitarist and producer.

Father Peter welcomes Johnny Reimar to the Foundation.
Father Peter welcomes Johnny Reimar to the Foundation.

But while he is known for his numerous hit records, his concerts and as a television host, he is known to many here in Pattaya for his charity work.

For many years Johnny was a board member of the Danish Pattaya Foundation, which raised money and donated it to three local Pattaya charities; the Father Ray Foundation, Pattaya Orphanage and the Child Protection & Development Center.

Making a recent visit to Pattaya his first stop was to the Father Ray Foundation where he was welcomed by Father Peter.

He also visited the Redemptorist Foundation for People with Disabilities and the Father Ray Fay Care Center, where the younger children danced to one of Johnny’s biggest hits, Skille’n Fest’, translated to ‘What a party’.

Visiting the students with disabilities.
Johnny watches as a student with disabilities shows him what she can do on her computer.