Bangkok police ordered to crack down on illegal taxi motorcyclists


Bangkok – Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol. Lt. Gen. Sutthiphong Wongpin has instructed all Bangkok police stations to locate illegal taxi motorcyclists and immediately arrest them, following a recent street fight between rival motorcyclists in Soi Udomsuk area which caused deaths and injuries.

Each Bangkok police station has been instructed to patrol areas under its jurisdiction and establish both the number of legal taxi motorcyclists and the number of illegal ones who may not have operating licenses and are to be arrested immediately. Taxi motorcyclists would also be arrested if found to have intimidated others, and to prevent the incident in the jurisdiction of Bang Na police station from recurring anywhere else.

Deputy Prime Minister/Defense Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan advised that the military will provide support for the police and the Department of Land Transport and help keep the taxi motorcyclists and public vans in order. Authorities will see to it that there are no illegal taxi motorcyclists trying to steal passengers from legal taxi motorcyclists or interfere in their business.