BBQ breakfast and BBQ lunch buffets at Casa Pascal


For many people, “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. For others, it is a substantial lunch. Whatever, Casa Pascal has both of them covered, with their BBQ which runs from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

On the day we went for lunch, the restaurant was packed. Packed! So we were not the only people to spot a bargain!

Is there anyone who doesn’t know just where Casa Pascal is situated? If there is, it is on a small soi off Pattaya Second Road almost opposite the Dicey Reilly’s Pub and next to Ruen Thai. Plenty of secure parking too.

The BBQ breakfast and BBQ lunch buffets have been very popular for Pascal and wife Kim, and they have continuously changed and improved the offerings over the past few years (yes, time flies when you’re having fun in Pattaya). The items in the hot food buffet also change every two days, so there are always new choices.

A brief word about the restaurant itself. Now three areas – the inside air-conditioned section which has large tables and very comfortable chairs and this is strictly non-smoking. Outside, where smoking is permitted, there are two levels of terraces set under red umbrellas. At the far end of the upper terrace there is a large BBQ with a young lady kept busy cooking eggs to order and BBQ meat items as well, with chicken, pork and two types of bacon.

Along the back wall of the interior section there are both hot and cold foods, as well as western and Asian items. For me, the roeschti potatoes are my favorite, and I indulged, as one does at an all you can eat deal! There are also two soups on offer, European or Asian.

There is a soft drink dispenser, plus pineapple and orange juices, milk and filter coffee. However, if you want cappuccino for example, you can order it from the staff. Cost of these items, by the way, are included in the over all price.

The cold section has smoked herring (from Pascal’s own smoker), pickled fish, ham, salami, pepper ham and mushroom ham, cheese and several salads. Moving round from there you have the bread station with your choice of six types, all freshly baked with a homemade apricot jam, and then on to three cereals. You can also have pancakes, just order from the staff and they will produce them for you.

As I always say with a buffet, take your time to walk around and take it all in. You don’t want to find a favorite item that you no longer have room for. (For me that is roeschti potatoes!)

We took our time, with Madame going for fried ages, while I had an omelet and two slices of back bacon. That was after my visit to the hot food buffet items, making the start to my meal roeschti potato and some baked beans. I also selected some soup and I was done. Madame was also full to overflowing with all her choices. Fabulous.

How much does all this cost? B. 210 plus 7 percent VAT, and this is for all you can eat, making this a fantastic bargain. As an additional attraction, Casa Pascal has a bonus point card where after seven meals you can redeem the points as deductions on your next meal. It was a bargain before – this makes it an even greater bargain.

Quite honestly it is almost impossible to beat these BBQ offers, and while you are there, take a look at the a la carte menu which will surprise with its very reasonable prices (and you can also eat a la carte during the BBQ’s if you wish). Casa Pascal has always been one of our favorites, and I am sure it will be one of yours too. Highly recommended.

Casa Pascal, 485/M10, Pattaya Second Road (small soi next Ruen Thai and opposite the Marriott Hotel’s Dicey Reilly’s Pub) Pattaya City, telephone for reservation 038 723 660, (mobile) 081 983 4182, email [email protected] Secure parking. Breakfast and Lunch Buffet from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. (or a la carte if you wish), dinner 6 p.m. until late.