Digital signage as the perfect way to attract new customers! How to use and where?


Many people are attracted to engaging and interesting videos, photos, and other dynamic materials. And many businesses or brands understand this; that’s why they are engaging their customers using visuals. Digital signage has become a centerpiece of attracting new customers, and many retailers are using it. This technology is a great marketing tool that allows retailers to advertise and engage with customers efficiently.

A digital signage solution is an efficient tool for small businesses to promote their in-store events, attract new customers, and hype sales. However, many retailers have heard about digital signage systems, have digital display, but they don’t have the right strategy to put them to work. Look Digital Signage offers a reliable software solution for remote management of digital screens. It helps small and medium businesses build a strong communication channel with their customers through an easy-to-use tool.

How to Attract New Customers with Digital Signage

Digitalization has brought about immense changes in almost every industry. And for this reason, entrepreneurs must adapt to the change if they want to retain and attract new customers. Digital signage has become a valuable multifaceted asset for businesses. Here are some of the ways you can use digital signage to attract new customers.

Set Up a Window Display

An easy way of capturing the attention of new customers or people passing by your business is using a captivating digital sign. Using LCD screens, you can display your new products, latest promotions, delivery details, different store segments, and so forth. If your business is on a major road where there is high foot traffic, a digital sign facing the street through a window or placed on the street will capture customers’ attention. However, brightness and visibility are major factors to consider when setting up a digital screen. Bright digital signs are easily noticed even by new customers. They also act as a built-in advertisement space which saves you cost.

Play Products and Services Content

To attract more customers, retailers make customers visualize what to expect or experience by using their products. Digital signage software has made it possible for you to advertise your products and services changing it remotely within a couple of clicks. You can do this by displaying your business’ best brands and services on the digital sign. One advantage of using digital signage to feature products and services is that you can update new information concerning your services and products. You will not only advertise your products but also educate your new customers through digital signage.

Show Demos

Product demos are a great engagement tool, but their viability depends on the staff’s ability to pass the right message to the target audience. Digital signage software interactive features make it easier for retailers to demonstrate their new products to potential customers.


Interact with Your Audience via Touch Screen

One known perk of digital signage is that it is highly interactive. You can make your customers get involved using touch screen displays, which opens them to more buying opportunities. You can feed the server with information about a certain product or service type and offer new customers a chance to learn more about the product.

Display Your Other Platforms or Stores

You can use digital signs to show off your other stores or properties to people already in your business. Make sure you display your other businesses or properties outside of that location. You can also show your social media to allow your new customers to connect with you online. Digital signage software allows you to broadcast live streams or videos relevant to your business on the most popular social media platforms.

Display Your Business Social Responsibility

Many customers, especially millennials, prefer a business whose main focus is not only to profit. They go for those with a sense of social responsibility. So, if your business gives back to the community, you can display and share the story attractively and compellingly. An easy way of doing this is using professional digital signage platform with any screen you have or intend to purchase to help advertise your business’s philanthropic roots.

Where to Use Digital Signage

You can display digital signs at the highest traffic area within the business. These areas vary with each business, but the most common locations include:

Business entrance
Waiting rooms
Exam rooms
Product displays
Around service counters
Street displays
Outside the store
Dining area
Point of sales
Public transportation displays and etc.


When thinking of the right location for digital signage displays, consider places where customers spend most of the time. And think about how you can use digital signage software solutions to improve their experience. Remember, people, absorb better information delivered through visuals than text alone. Improve communication and attract new customers via digital signage.