“Miss Universe Myanmar 2014” finalists land on Phuket


PHUKET, 7 July 2014  – Finalists from the “Miss Universe Myanmar 2014” contest have chosen Phuket as a place for pre-training activities and have traveled to some exotic destinations around the Southern tourist province.

Twenty remaining beauty pageants from “Miss Universe Myanmar 2014” were welcomed by Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, the President of Miss Thailand Grande International organization, as they landed on Phuket. These last 20 contestants have expressed great interest about the province of Phuket and are ready to seek out new experiences as they prepare for their final round of contests.

This year, these beauty pageants from Myanmar will also travel to destinations listed in “Unseen Thailand” and would visit several tourist spots based on the provincial slogan “Pearl of the Andaman, southern paradise, golden beaches, land of the duo heroines, and highly revered Luang Pho Chaem.”

Needless to say, these lovely ladies are excited and would have great memories to share as they leave Thailand’s famous tourist hub.