Chiang Mai tourism not expected to noticeably suffer from Ratchaprasong attack


BANGKOK, 19 August 2015  – The fatal blast near Ratchaprasong Intersection in Bangkok is not expected to have significant effects on tourism in Chiang Mai although the same cannot be said for tourism in general, according to Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association president Pornchai Jitnavasathien (พรชัย จิตรนวเสถียร).

According to Mr. Pornchai, although the incident would inevitably affect tourism, no effects have yet been detected in Chiang Mai. Hotels still have 70-80% booking rate for the Chinese national day holiday period in early October. He added that the tourism industry had survived Thailand’s political crises, which had more severe effects on tourism. Therefore, he believes the tourism scene in Chiang Mai would not be substantially afflicted by the Ratchaprasong incident.

Meanwhile, security patrols have been increased in Pattaya City in Chonburi to ensure safety for tourists and to foster public and tourist confidence. In Bangkok, the Yaowarat Chinatown area also received a similar security boost. At the same time, the Airports of Thailand has raised the security level at all of its airports to level 3, the highest level.