Yingluck pushes ahead with Feb 2 election amid protest pressure


BANGKOK, 17 January 2014  Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Friday insisted that the upcoming election on February 2 go ahead as scheduled, and that the election is the best solution to the ongoing political crisis. 

Ms Yingluck told members of the foreign press that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the general elections go ahead as planned after the House dissolution last month. She noted that should the general election fail to come up with the required number of MPs within the 30-day time frame, another election will be held to fill the seats in Parliament.

Once the elections take place, the political impasse will come to an end, said the Premier, elaborating that she is ready to enter into a peace dialogue with the anti-government protest groups in a bid to resolve the deadlock.

When asked why she insisted on not resigning amid growing pressure from various protest networks, Ms Yingluck said she is required by the constitution to remain in her post until a new Prime minister is democratically elected.

During the talk with reporters, Prime Minister Yingluck also defended her rice-pledging scheme, which is currently under the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s probe, saying the scheme is a way of addressing the income disparities in Thailand.