Yala Governor leads Makha Bucha merit making


YALA 14 February 2014 Yala Governor Dejrath Simsiri has led a ceremony of alms giving at Pra-aram Luang temple on the occasion of Makha Bucha day. 

Mr. Dejrath led a ceremony of alms giving to 80 monks, together with the government officials, police and army officers, as well as the general public ,to make merit during the Buddhist religious holiday, Makha Bucha.

Makha Bucha day is an important religious holiday for all Buddhists, as it is the day the Buddha gave the Arhantas monks, the Enlightened Ones, the principles of Buddhism called “The ovadhapatimokha.” Those principles are: to cease from all evil, to do what is good, and to cleanse one’s mind.

Yala Province has therefore organized religious ceremonies at 17 different temples in the province to honor the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sankha–generally known as the monks.

Coincidentally, this year’s Makha Bucha falls on the same day as Valentine’s Day