Worry grows about Phuket tourism as Ebola rumours continue


PHUKET, Aug 1 – The Phuket Office ofThailands Ministry of Public Health has urged the public not to panic about rumours of the spread of the Ebola virus, stressing that the disease could not be easily contracted. 

Dr Kris Sakulpaet, Phuket Provincial Public Health Office deputy head advised the public not to be too alarmed by rumours of the African virus, as the United States and European countries have not shown signs of worrying about it.

The public health official pointed out that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not advised any travel warnings despite the ongoing situation, as the Ebola virus can not be contracted easily, unless that person is in relatively close contact with an Ebola patient and would be in contact with the patient’s body fluids.

Dr Kris said a person cannot catch Ebola by simply being in the same room, vehicle, lift, or air craft with an Ebola patient.

However, the Public Health Ministry has had taken precautions about the situation and has advised all public health offices to monitor the virus and lay out prevention measures in case of the unexpected.