Well wishing messages via smartphones during New Year holidays up 175%


BANGKOK 2 January 2014  — Service provider DTAC has revealed that well-wish messages sent on New Year’s Eve through its network increased 175% compared to last year’s – with a decrease in the usage of SMS and MMS messages. 

According to Pakorn Pannachet, senior vice-president and marketing head of DTAC, mobile phone users in Thailand have noticeably transitioned into the age of 3G, where users are sending well wishing messages via social media networks such as Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter or Google Plus.

Data has revealed a 175% increase of message sending via social media compared to the previous year, with LINE being the most popular application for users.

Meanwhile, messages sent through SMS and MMS messages during New Year’s Eve have reportedly decreased as other social media networks have become more popular. The highest number of messages sent was recorded during the period between midnight and 1 am, the turn of the year.