Water levels in Bhumibol and Sirikit Dams remain critically low


BANGKOK, 25 August 2014 – The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has warned residents living near the Bhumibol and Sirikit Dams to use water sparingly after the water levels in these dams have dropped to a great concern. 

According to RID Deputy Director-General Suthep Noipairoj, the water levels of these major dams remain only at 4 percent of their total capacity. The volumes of water remaining in the Bhumibol and Sirikit Dam stand at around 500 million cubic meters and 980 million cubic meters respectively.

For this reason, the department is now working with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) to reduce the amount of water being released out of the dams. The water that is kept in the dams will be preserved to irrigate farmlands during the next harvesting season in 2015.