Two villagers shot dead in Yala; M79 grenade attack on local official’s home


YALA, Feb 20 —  Two villagers were gunned down, and another was injured in separate shooting incidents in Raman and Bannang Sata districts of this southern border province, while six M79 grenades were fired at the home of the senior deputy district chief in Bannang Sata.

Unknown gunmen shot dead a rubber tapper identified as Ahsae Waedoyee and wounded Kosima Waedoyee while they were going to work at a rubber plantation in Raman district. The second fatality was another

villager, Sawat Baiwangah, 35, who was shot dead last night at a mosque in Bannang Sata.

In a separate incident, six M79 grenades were fired at the house of Anirut Bua-on, senior deputy district chief near the local police station last night, followed by an exchange of gunfire. Attackers then left the scene.

No one was killed or wounded by the attackers, who were suspected to be the group led by Mukta Alimama and Amad Luebasa, reportedly in the area for several days.