Transport Ministry says Japan still interested in high speed train project


Bangkok – Officials from the Ministry of Transport have shot down claims being made on social media that Japan has withdrawn interest in investment in the Bangkok-Phitsanulok portion of the Bangkok-Chiang Mai high speed train project.  The ministry explained that the speculation was based on an assessment report following talks between the ministry and Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and clarified that no agreements for investment have yet been secured. The office affirmed Japan is in the process of evaluating data and considering its investment model, with an emphasis on reducing the burden on Thailand.

The officials added Japan is considering the Life Cycle Cost of the rail system and changes to its top speed after finding that reducing the system’s speed from the usual 300km/h would not result in any significant change to cost.

The Ministry of Transport confirmed its intention to develop the rail system for the betterment of Thailand’s economy and society and for the facilitation of travel and logistics throughout the nation’s regions.