Trang livestock raisers told to increase animal feed reserve to prepare for drought


TRANG, 21 February 2014  The Livestock Development office in Trang has suggested that farmers increase their reserve of grasses used to feed their livestock, as the drought problem has already hit 3 districts in the province. 

Amnuai Chantharat, the chief of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation office in Trang, revealed that the drought situation in the province has intensified and 3 districts comprising Palian, Huai Yot and Mueang Trang have already been declared drought disaster-afflicted areas. Water trucks have already been dispatched to remote areas where residents did not have access to tap water.

According to Thawat Udomkhanarat, chief of Trang Livestock Development office, this year’s drought could be both extensive and intense. Farmers should thus ensure an adequate reserve of both dry grass and silage for times of shortage. The livestock office has already asked the animal feed development station in the province to prepare 60 tons of dry grass and 300 rai’s worth of fresh grass for the livestock raisers. The Livestock Development office in Songkhla is preparing a reserve of dry grass to assist farmers in Trang, should it prove necessary.