Train services ready for Songkran


BANGKOK, March 28 – State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has assured the train and track to be ready to serve the travellers during the Songkran festival, Thailand’s traditional New Year, later this month, according to SRT governor Prapat Chongsanguan.

Mr Prapat said that SRT expects to see large number of passengers using train service during the long holiday despite the maintenance work of rail tracks for southbound routes was not finished.

He said the SRT engineers were instructed to wrap up the maintenance work and regain the tracks for temporarily ready for Songkran holidays.

Mr Prapat said he has instructed the train drivers to slow the train down by half, not exceed over 35 km/hr, while passing the tracks which were under maintenance work to ensure safety for the passengers.

He said the maintenance for northern line is almost completed and should be ready to facilitate travellers during the upcoming long holiday.

The SRT will also add train services from Bangkok to the provinces to meet an expected jump in passengers who would normally influx to provinces during this period of the year. Additional 12 trains will be operated free of charge during the April 11-12 and another 20 free train services during April 19-20.