Tight security maintained in Yala; rangers handing out dates at checkpoints


YALA, 18 July 2014 – Military officials in the southern border provinces are maintaining strict security measures during the final ten days of the Ramadan period, while also helping to facilitate the religious affairs of Muslims.

In Yala, paramilitary rangers have been seen manning many road checkpoints to screen vehicles and persons passing and traveling into the downtown area, in an effort to prevent explosives or car bombs being planted inside the city. Intelligence officials issued multiple warnings this month against the threat of insurgents’ car bombs during the month of Ramadan.

On Thursday, rangers from the task force of the 33rd Rangers Regiment were seen handing out dates to Muslim locals who were passing through a permanent checkpoint on route no. 410, which links Yala city with Betong district. The fruit hand-out was aimed at facilitating locals’ religious activities and promoting warm relations between state officials and local residents.