Thailand yet to evacuate workers from Libya, Israel


BANGKOK, July 18 —  The Thai Ministries of Labour and Foreign Affairs have been preparing measures to assist Thai workers in Libya, Israel, Iraq, and Kenya, though there is currently no plan for carrying out evacuations.

Both ministries, however, were keeping close watch on the situation in each country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Consular Affairs deputy director Prasittiporn Wetprasit and Labour Minsitry Employment Department director Sumeth Mahosot met at the Consular Department this morning to discuss assistance measures for Thai labourers working in Libya, Israel, Iraq, and Kenya, which are all under varying degrees of civil war and unrest.

After the meeting, the two departments held a press conference announcing that no workers in any of the four countries have been evacuated yet. They said that both departments are working closely with Thai embassies in each country to evaluate the degree of severity in each situation.

Once the situations in the countries are deemed too severe for Thai nationals to continue there, evacuations would be carried out on land, by air and water to safely return all Thai workers home.

Families and relatives of the Thai workers can find out more information about the situation from the Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad Division at 02-5751047 or via the Employment Department at hotline 1694.

At present, there are 27,000 Thai workers in Israel, 1,500 in Libya, 40 in Iraq and 30 in Kenya, according to official statistics.