Thailand compensates Korean tourists hurt in speedboat accident


BANGKOK, July 9 – Two Korean tourists seriously injured in a speedboat accident in Thailand‘s eastern province of Chon Buri in April, have been compensated by the Thai government.

Rights and Liberties Protection Department director-general Pol Col Narach Sawetanant presented the compensation award to the first secretary of the Korean embassy in Bangkok. Each of the pair will receive Bt103,000 ($3,300).

Eighteen Korean tourists were wounded in the speed boat accident off Pattaya’s Ko Laan island on April 21 with two of them reportedly in critical condition.

The “Sea Dream” speed boat was transporting some 30 Korean tourists to Ko Laan  when it collided with another speed boat, the  “Khem Thong”, which was lying at anchor about 800 metres off the beach.

Sixteen passengers suffered minor injuries, but two of the tourists were critically injured. One victim had both legs nearly severed, while another lost his right leg, cut off by the boat’s propeller.

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    When are the Tourist going to learn never to trust these vendors wake up and smell the coffee