Thai police tracing Malaysian Airlines passengers who used stolen passports


BANGKOK, 11 March 2014 Immigration Police are tracing down the individual who purchased tickets for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight using stolen passports. 

Reports indicated the tickets were only purchased on Thursday (March 6) at a ticketing company in Chonburi province. Police are seeking out the buyer of the tickets for questioning, with the hope of identifying the two passengers who traveled on the Malaysian Airline flight using the stolen passports.

One of the passports belonged to an Italian man who lost his passport in Phuket in July of 2013. The other belonged to an Austrian man who reported his passport stolen in March of 2012, also in Phuket.

According to Police Lieutenant General Pharnu Kerdlarpphon, Immigration Police commissioner, there are no links between the Italian and the Austrian who lost their passports and terrorism. He believes the users of the two men’s passports were likely seeking refuge in the Netherlands and Germany, the countries not targeted by terrorists. Amsterdam and Frankfurt were the intended destinations of the two individuals, whose real identities have yet to be identified.

  • cdnski12

    It has taken 3 years to get to this information?