Thai Northeast affected by floods


BANGKOK, July 28 — Thailand’s weather service has warned that much of the country is likely to be affected by heavy rainfall.

The Meteorological Department announced that heavy rainfall would continue in many parts of the country, especially in the North, the Northeast and on the Andaman Coast in the South, while residents of the Northeast are still suffering from floods.

In Thailand’s northeastern province of Yasothorn, continuing heavy downpours have caused the Lam Se Bai River to overflow, affecting farmlands and villages in Pa Tio and Kham Khuean Kaeo districts.

At least three kilometres of the road between Kam Khuean Kaeo and Amnat Charoen’s Hua Taphan district is still under water and impassible for all vehicles.

In neighbouring Loei province, flooding in Nam Phu village in the provincial seat returned to normal today rainfall after water runoff inundated palm plantations, rice fields, and numerous roads on Sunday.

Civil defense volunteers and village chief assistants were assigned to set up flood watch centres to warn residents ahead of time.

In Bueng Kan province, due to continuing downpours, the water level in Mekong River has increased but not reached critical level.

The Marine Department warned boat operators and villagers about strong current, trees and debris floating downriver which could cause boating accidents.