Thai north still flooded; damages rising with water level


SUKHOTHAI, Sept 4 —  The water level in the Yom River remains critically high, where the water has eroded the river banks and broken through its banks, flooding two districts in Sukhothai province.

The rushing waters eroded 15 metres of Yom River embankments in Sukhothai, where the over 200 household have already been flooded and farmlands submerged.

Local residents were urgently moving belongings including farming tools to higher and safer locations.

Floods also overflowed Road Number 1195 linking Sukhothai and Wang Mai Khon, covering more than 300 metres of roadway.

Meanwhile, Pichit province is flooded from the Phetchabun mountains, overflowing Klong Dai Chum Saeng canal, intruding into over 100 households in the area, where local villagers moved their belongings to higher ground and are now using boats as transportation.

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office of Phayao province, in the meantime, has reported the damages caused by the current flood in the province from Friday through yesterday that 4,082 families have been affected, impacting more than 15,000 people.

Preliminary estimates of agricultural damages stood at at least Bt100 million, though the figure is not yet confirmed.