Thai Navy sent ships to help search for the missing plane


PANG-NGA, 11 Mar 2014 — The Royal Thai Navy has set up a command center for coordinating fleets searching for the missing Malaysia Airline MH 370 flight, promising to continue the mission until the wreckage is found. 

Navy Commander, Admiral Narong Pipattanasai, has instructed the Regional 3 Navy to establish the command center. Joining the search are the H.T.M.S Pattani with 84 sailors, a fleet of helicopter with 12 crew members, 9 special marines, and several medics.

The H.T.M.S Pattani left yesterday from Pang-Nga port to join the international fleet for the search for B777-200 Boeing aircraft that went missing while flying over the Vietnamese territory. The search, approved by the Defense Ministry following Malaysia’s request, would cover the Satun coast of the Andaman Sea.

Aside from the search parties, the Region 2 Navy has also lent its patrol fleet to aid the search, vowing to continue the mission until the wreckage is found or until it becomes impossible to continue the search. Initially, the Thai fleet was unable to find anything when it scanned the areas of Langkawi Island, Perak Island and the Strait of Malacca.