Thai nationals in Africa safe from Ebola


BANGKOK, Aug 6 —  Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Information said today that the ministry ordered Thai embassies and consulates in Africa to closely follow up the epidemic of the Ebola virus disease (EVD).

The Thai embassy in Dakar, Senegal reported that no Thai citizens were infected with EVD in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Most Thais left Senegal for France and Thailand last month. There are no Thai residents in Guinea and Sierra Leone. In Liberia, one Thai official works for a United Nations peace-keeping unit and there are three Thai-Liberian children.

The ministry also ordered staff at Thai embassies and consulates in Africa to implement suitable measures on people seeking visas there to help contain the disease.

Meanwhile, the ministry ordered Thai representatives at the UN’s offices in Geneva to closely follow up Ebola developments and preventive measures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO has not issued a travel advisory about the countries where the disease is spreading.