Thai military council reconfirms election next year


BANGKOK, July 9 –  NCPO promises foreign military attaches that it is proceeding with its roadmap and the next general election will be held in Thailand next year.

Army Director of Intelligence Maj Gen Pranot Saengthian and spokespersons of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) held a weekly briefing with military attaches and representatives of 25 countries at Army headquarters today.

Five countries that have no military attaches in Thailand sent representatives to the meeting.

They are from Ukraine, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal and Israel.

The Thai military officers confirmed to foreign military attaches that under the first phase of the NCPO roadmap a provisional constitution would be completed within this month.

Under the second phase, a national legislative assembly, an interim government and a national reform council will be formed and a permanent Constitution would be done.

The phase was described as being from August this year to July next year.

Under the third phase with the completed permanent Constitution, a general election would be held within the coming year.

The NCPO also told foreign military attaches that it did not interfere with the mass media.

It asserted that it still prohibited any political activity or protest against it in the country.

The council also asked other countries to follow up the movements of any opponents’ movements against it. The council said that such movements appeared to incite unrest.