Thai government donates 3 million baht to Myanmar flood relief


Bangkok – The Thai government has provided three million baht to Myanmar for flood relief and is to consider further assistance at an upcoming Cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha has expressed condolences and provided relief funds to Myanmar’s Ambassador to Thailand HE U Myo Myint Than after the country was hit by devastating floods.

The PM, speaking on behalf of the Thai people and government, expressed grief over the losses caused by the crisis and pledged three million baht via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to relief efforts. He also indicated the Cabinet is to consider further assistance measures at its next meeting.

The ambassador welcomed the graciousness of the Thai people and government while explaining his country’s flooding was the result of heavy rains that have affected hundreds of thousands of people while damaging hundreds of thousands of rai of farmland, especially in the Tanintharyi Region where the Karen and Mon states are located and in the Bago region. The ambassador noted that from the start of the crisis Thai agencies such as the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense and Royal Thai Army have provided aid extending to food and necessities. He said it underlined the close ties the two neighbors continue to enjoy.

  • Phuket Whistleblower

    wow, a whole whopping 3 million baht from a country which had 35 million tourists and in 2017, according to the IMF, Thailand had a GDP of 15.450 trillion baht (US$455 billion), the 8th largest economy of Asia. I’d be embarrassed to have that in the news if it were my country. I do notice in online reports, that thailand received almost $30 million in tsunami aid; so should think about that when giving. However we all know that Thailand’s hand is always held out for the taking and not often for the giving. I’m sure that all the corrupt government officials will agree with that statement