Thai civic groups seek dissolution of Pheu Thai Party


BANGKOK, Feb 21 – Two social activist groups have called on Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) to recommend dissolution of the Pheu Thai Party following the caretaker prime minister’s exaggerated claim of the success of the rice pledging scheme which could mislead voters.

The Green Politics group and Thai Constitution Protection Association separately lodged complaints with the EC, accusing Ms Yingluck Shinawatra of making an exaggerated statement during her appearance on all TV channels on Tuesday.

The caretaker premier claimed that the rice subsidy programme was successful and urged people to vote for her party in the election, said Green Politics group coordinator Chaturan Boonbenjarat.

He said Ms Yingluck’s speech could be a breach of the Constitution and the Election Law, adding that the caretaker prime minister misused the state media for her election campaign and did not act with neutrality.

It is the EC’s power to ask the Constitution Court to dissolve the Pheu Thai Party of which Ms Yingluck is the first candidate in the party list balloting, he said.

Srisuwan Chanya, secretary general of the Thai Constitution Protection Association, represented the group in submitting the petition against Ms Yingluck and the Pheu Thai Party to the EC.