Thai Airways flight TG508 arrives at Suvarnabhumi


SAMUT PRAKAN, 10 June 2014  – TG 508 flight with 296 crew and passengers has arrived at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The jet was stranded at Karachi airport when a group of gunmen attacked the airport Sunday night.

THAI Flight TG508 arrived in Samut Prakan at 2 am this morning. All of the 296 passengers, including 2 Thai nationals, were safe. The flight was left stranded for over 24 hours after heavily armed gunmen attacked Pakistan’s Jinnah International Airport.

A passenger said during the assault, all of the passengers were asked to stay inside the jet for about 3 hours after the plane had landed in Pakistan. Then, airport authorities came to escort all of them to a safe place inside the terminal.

On Sunday night, Taliban militants disguised as security forces stormed Pakistan’s busiest airport and at least 27 people were killed in a dramatic night-long battle. Gun battles raged through the night until security forces regained control of the airport at dawn.