Suvarnabhumi honors hard-working employees


BANGKOK, 22 March 2014 Suvarnabhumi International Airport has given awards to a number of its employees in recognition of their hard work. The aim was to encourage all individuals working in hospitality at the airport to keep on making a good impression. 

Presiding over the award-presentation ceremony was Suvarnabhumi Airport Director Raweewan Netarakavesana who handed out the awards to the outstanding individual employees.

The awards entitled “Suvarnabhumi Service Excellence 2013” were presented to honor those who have consistently achieved the highest standards of service.

According to the airport director, the awards should set a good example to others, as well as encourage them to keep making a good impression and creating smiles, in accordance with the concept of the “Airport of Smiles”.

The ceremony was held in front of Gate 1, on the fourth floor of the passenger hall.