Suthep and members visit MEA to rally for more support


BANGKOK, 23 April 2014 – The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) leader Suthep Thuangsuban and other members have held a meeting with high-level executives of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) in a bid to push for more reforms. 

The group held talks with deputy MEA governor Wirat Chansiriwattana and members of the MEA labour union at their office in Chidlom yesterday .

Suthep told the press that the meeting was aimed at campaigning for political reforms, which focus on an end to the country’s widespread corruption. The move is part of the PDRC’s daily campaign for national reforms.

He added that another rally is slated to be announced on April 30. The PDRC has launched their campaign earlier this month to urge government officials to defy the government and to join the cause of the anti-government protesters.