Surin implements ‘enhanced drug-free dorms’ measures


SURIN, 7 JULY 2014 – Authorities in Surin have searched and inspected all dormitories and other campus accommodation to confirm that students are complying with health and safety rules prohibiting drugs. 

The vice Governor of Surin, Pipob Damthongsuk has urged all agencies to conduct a thorough inspection of campus housing in order to intensify the battle against the use of drugs in educational institutes.

Because of concerns over some child and juvenile activities, the provincial authorities are focusing on making places such as internet and games cafes, dormitories and campus housing free of drugs. There are almost 400 dormitories in the province.

Related agencies and dorms are asked to conduct a monthly inspection to ensure the students’ health, safety and academic success.

Dormitory providers are also encouraged to supply facilities such as gyms, internet services and reading rooms to offer diverse activities for the students.