Summer storms wreak havoc across northeast


Nakhon Panom – Summer storms have wreaked havoc in many areas of Thailand’s northeast, affecting Songkran festivals.

Nakhon Panom’s 2018 Songkran Festival space, setup at the Panomnaka atrium of the province’s municipal office, was heavily damaged by summer storms through Sunday night. Downpours and high winds toppled tents and damaged goods setup for the activity. Nearby residences were also damaged by the weather.

A 40 minute storm in Nong Khai province hit the Pae Pan Rai tourist destination, severely damaging 20 of the area’s 24 pontoons along with local shops and its parking space. Locals noted that temperatures before the storm reached as high as 40 degrees Celsius for several days but the change in weather brought hail and heavy rain. Some 50 tourists had to be evacuated from the area but no injuries were reported.

Sikornphumi district of Surin province experienced similar weather conditions with winds damaging homes as well as felling an over 100-year old Bodhi tree, which toppled onto six parked cars. Assistance is being provided to affected residents. Trees, including rubber trees, were similarly felled in the province’s Buachet district, where one resident’s home was completely demolished. A large tree, uprooted by winds, blocked the district’s main road, causing traffic to backup for about one kilometer. It has since been removed by locals.