Summer storm strikes range across Thailand


NAKHON SAWAN, April 21 – Isolated summer storms generated by excessive heat have ravaged households and farmland in many parts of the kingdom.

Nakhon Sawan province in northern Thailand was struck by a destructive summer storm that brought down homes, and damaged rice crops and rubber plantations.

Aquaculture operators in Kriangkrai subdistrict of the Nakhon Sawan provincial seat, where most fish farms are located, suffered severe losses as an estimated 600 kkg of fish were killed daily due to high water temperature and low oxygen concentration.

In other areas, worsening drought caused heavy damage to northernmost Chiang Rai province. Chiang Rai’s major river, the Mae Chan, has dried up, affecting 30,000 rais of farmlands.

Chiang Rai’s Pa Daet, Wiang Chiang Rung, Mae Chan, Mae Sai and Mae Suai districts have been declared disaster zones, while Highway 115 going to Sam Ngam district in Pichit province was destroyed by several hour-long summer storms. The authorities are now inspecting damage and assisting victims.

Meanwhile, in the country’s northeastern Bueng Kan province, gusty winds brought down more than 5,000 rubber trees. Operators have suffered major losses as trees were ready to begin producing latex. Local authorities were sent to inspect damage in the areas.