Sukhothai faces heavy flooding


BANGKOK, Sept 4 — The Yom River in Sukhothai province in Thailand’s norther region has overflowed dykes and sandbagging to flood the provincial governmental offices even as local officials were reinforcing flood protection to save the province’s business heart, as water continues to flow from the overfull Yom River.

Flooding in Sukhothai has worsened, as water level in the Yom River was rising, bringing with it strong currents that destroyed the dyke and sandbag wall put up earlier and pouring into Sukhothai municipality, the City Hall and various governmental offices in the area.

The heart of the province in now under 20-30 centimetres of water, and the water level continues to rise, with the newly erected  2 metres high dykes only 10 centimetres from being swept over by the surging water.

Roads in Pak Khwae subdistrict of the provincial seat were impassable for small vehicles, with most commuters using the bybass linking the city with nearby Phitsanulok and Tak provinces.

At the same time, municipal officials of Sukhothai Thani city have joined efforts to prevent the city’s business area from flooding, by preparing large water pump to draw water from the city centre, even as the water level in Yom River behind the main municipal market was increasing.