Success of the To-Be-Number-One Project in Uttaradit


BANGKOK, 30 July 2014 – The To Be Number One Project, a campaign initiated by Princess Ubolratana, to reduce drug abuse among teenagers, has met a great success in Uttaradit province. 

The project was introduced to the Technical College of Uttaradit in 2010 and has later been instituted in other vocational colleges nearby, raising the number of project members in the province to nearly 6,000 students currently. These colleges have constantly organized activities to make students realize they can be the best without drug involvement, in pursuit of the project’s goal to deter youngsters from experimenting with drugs.

The province has also established a To Be Number One Friends’ Corner, to provide children with an easier access to consultations and consolation when they are in distress. Uttaradit’s To Be Number One Project has as its theme “WE ARE…TO BE NUMBER ONE : SMILE, SMART AND HAPPINESS TOGETHER”. The effort, launched with cooperation from various provincial organizations, has enabled Uttaradit to win 6 awards at the recent nationwide contest to mark the 12th anniversary of the To Be Number One Project in 2014.

Princess Ubolratana , in her capacity as the chairperson of the To Be Number One Project, visited Uttaradit early this week to witness its success in the project at the Technical College of Uttaradit. On this occasion, the Princess also granted an audience to 30 teenagers who used to be drug addicts and are now under rehabilitation, to provide royal advice aimed at encouraging them to quit drugs for good.

The Princess also joined To Be Number One idols in a musical performance at the end of her visit.