Special Report: NCPO proceeds with second phase of road map


The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) is proceeding with its road map to restore order in the country by drafting a temporary constitution and promising to hold a general election next year. 

The NCPO chief General Prayuth Chan-Ocha continues to implement the second phase of the road map, which is set to begin after a provisional constitution is introduced. The permanent constitution will be completed in July 2015, ten months from the announcement of the interim constitution.

In his televised public address, General Prayuth said a reform council is to be established to resolve existing conflicts, with solutions that can be accepted by all sides. 250 individuals from provinces across the country will be selected to work for the council.

A legislative council will also be established to select an interim Prime Minister, and cabinet members, who will take office in September 2014, and set about drafting a new constitution. In this second phase, the NCPO does not intend to spend more than 300 days on the reform process, and will proceed with the participation of all sectors of Thai society. The reform involves issues including the prevention and suppression of corruption, politics, high-level administrative processes, the exercise of power and the justice system.

In the third phase, after the permanent constitution takes effect, Thailand may once again be regarded as a nation governed by a democratic administration, with His Majesty the King as Head of State. The NCPO pointed out that processes might take longer if peace and security are not achieved.

General Prayuth had earlier stated that that the NCPO wanted to hold free and fair general elections under the permanent constitution in order to lay a strong foundation for a fully functioning democracy and for Thailand to have a constructive political system.